1.    Title of the Practice

Learning beyond the conventional modules: “Skill Enhancement Courses”

2.    Objectives of the Practice

Skill enhancement courses are offered to all the students to

  • Strengthen leadership skills
  • Trigger the skill quotient of the student
  • become budding entrepreneurs
  • enable to launch start-ups

3.The Context

Skill Enhancement Courses and Young Women Entrepreneurship Development Courses are formulated meticulously and offered to the students to incorporate contemporary needs and become more capable, competent and  confident in themselves and to make their dreams match the demands of the the industry to reach goals.

4.The Practice

With the ‘Make in India’ slogan roaring all over the country, our college provides the avenue for the betterment of our students through YWED Courses, Long Term Skill Enhancement Courses, short term Skill enhancement courses, ACIDE cell, and Industry Institute Interaction cell.

  • 14 YWED Courses target imparting specific marketable skills. The following are the 14 short term courses offered under YWED. Basics of Bakery, Cuisines of India, Food Preservation, Blouse Designing, Crochet, Saree Embellishment, Surface Embellishment, Jewellery Making, Painting, Doll Making, Herbal Cosmetics, Jute Bag Making, Digital Photo Print, and E-Services
  • 6 Long Term Skill Enhancement Courses lead to solidification of major skills. Veena, Hindi, Keyboard, Typewriting, Tailoring and Shorthand are the long term courses offered.
  • 14 short term Skill enhancement courses are designed to augment the art and craft skills of the students. Imitation Jewelry, Hand Embroidery, Aari Work, Painting, Beautician Course, Satin Ribbon Embroidery, Cushion Making, Jute Bag Making, Doll Making, Mehandi, Bouquet Making, Macronic Swing, Flower Aaram Making, Silkworm Cocoon Crafts are the courses.
  • ACIDE (A Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development) cell functioning in the college enroll the interested students as Standardpreneurs and enhance their creativity and entrepreneurship within the college premises. Seed Money is provided by the Management to promote entrepreneurial skills to the students on the need basis.
  • Industry Institute Interaction cell serves as a platform to meet the expectations of skill sets required for students.

5.    Evidence of Success

  • Every year, a Mela is organised in which students industriously exhibit and sell their products. Participation of students, alumnae and parents in the Mela have been far reaching.
  • Self Help Group women are given platform by permitting them to sell their products in our premises.
  • Students have also exhibited their painting skills by adorning the walls of common places like food court and canteen.
  • NSS Volunteers adored the Walls of Naranapuram Government School Compound for promoting awareness on Health & Hygiene among the public.
  • 7 Startups like Kraftiga (Arts & Crafts), YosDeliza (Nutritive Food Products), KissanInnova (Agricultural products), Explora (Designing & App Development), Belle (Beauty & Personal Care Products & Herbal Cosmetics), Thukhil (Fashion products) and Chemempor (Home Care Products) are witnessed till date.
  • Jute Products made by the students is supplied to the family functions of our college fraternity in nominal rate as per the demand.
  • Management stores provide a platform to sell all the products produced in the startups.
  • Entrepreneurship day is celebrated every year.

6. Problems encountered and resources required

Social perception towards women entrepreneurs is still unsatisfactory. Prevailing economic conditions are also curtailing them to launch startups without inhibition. Women in this locality are generally unaware of Advertisement and Marketing strategies to promote their products even if prepared in small scale.  More number of training and awareness programs has to be arranged to reveal the strategies for a successful business.

7. Notes

Courses such as paintings, music, cooking, thread work, jewelry making are beneficial for students to enliven the traditional art forms.



1.Title of the Practice

Nutritious Meal Programme: “Free Noon Meals scheme”

2.Objectives of the Practice

Emulating the free noon meals scheme initiated by Sri K.Kamaraj, the Former Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, our college has been providing free noon meals to needy students.The main objective of the practice is to

  • provide hot cooked nutritious meal to avoid classroom hunger.
  • improve nutritional status of the students.
  • encourage regular attendance.
  • enhance concentration in classroom and stay focused.
  • encourage to pursue higher education.

3.The Context

Most of the Students hail from economically downtrodden condition, since most of the parents are labours of Fireworks and Printing industries. It is a tradition of the locality to cook food afresh only in the evenings as the parents report to work early in the morning.  Pursuing higher education is a struggle due to financial constraints and household works.

4.The Practice  

 The economic status of the student is identified by the tutors in the Tutor-Ward meetings. Two students suggested by the Head of each Department is included in this scheme until the completion of the programme. Fifty girl students get benefitted every year and a sum of almost 2 lakhs is spent annually. A nutritious menu is designed on every working day of the college. There have also been volunteers from faculty members, alumni, students and interested philanthropists to contribute towards the scheme offering noon meal on special occasions.

5.Evidence of Success    

Begun in the year 2008, this scheme benefits sizable number of students with nutritiousfoodincluding ingredients like different vegetables, eggs, pulses, cereals and traditional sweets. Contentment gets realized in the lunch hall when the student beneficiaries relish a tasty and nourishing meal.

6.Problems encountered and resources required

Pandemic scenario has impacted the run of the scheme due to the shift towards online classes. However, there is no stone unturned to offer free noon meal whenever the students are in the campus.


For students hailing from humble backgrounds, free noon meal scheme serves as a breather.

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