The College Crest embodies the goal and objective of the College. It consists of 6 Stars, a Veena, Open Palm leaf Manuscripts, a Lamp with a Peacock at the center with the Motto inscribed on the scroll.

  • The six Stars within the crest stand for the six qualities of an ideal personality - Love (அன்பு), Knowledge (அறிவு), Duty (கடமை), Efficiency (ஆற்றல்) , Honesty (கண்ணியம்) and Amiability (இனிமை).
  • The Veena, the instrument of our Goddess of Music signifies the apex of our culture.
  • The Open Palm leaf Manuscript denotes our traditional repositories of Knowledge and Wisdom.
  • Like the ceremonial lamp, women’s education is meant to spread the light of knowledge.
  • The peacock at the center stands for the pride and glory of our nation and we are to direct our benefits of learning and powers of mind to the gradual progress of the country.
  • The Motto inscribed on the scroll (சேரவாரும் செகத்தீரே) sends a clarion call to all persons to join us in our march towards perfection.

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