Attendance for Part I, II, III & IV of the UnderGraduate Programmes & PostGraduate Programmes :

Each learner must put in a minimum attendance of 68 days (75% of 90 days per semester) so as to become eligible to appear for the End Semester Examinations.

Shortage of Attendance:

  • Those learners with attendance 68 days and less but 59 days and  above (65%) can be permitted to appear for the End Semester Examinations provided, they submit the condonation certificate to the Principal stating the proper reasons for their absence, within 5 days after the last working day of the concerned class.  The certificate may be obtained from the College Office on payment of penalty fixed by MKU.
  • In case of attendance with 58 days and less but 45 days and (50% ) above, the learners cannot appear for the final examinations of that semester but can appear for the next examination by obtaining special permission from the Principal, providing necessary documents, supporting the reasons for absence on payment of penalty fixed by MKU.
  • Learners with an attendance of 44 days and less than that should have to repeat the whole semester

Attendance for Co-curricular activities (Part V):

  • A learner of the first or second year undergraduate Programme should put in a minimum attendance of 75% for each semester (Total No. of hours as fixed by the concerned N.S.S. / N.C.C. / Programme Officers) in anyone of the Co-Curricular activities namely N.C.C., N.S.S., Physical Education, Youth Red Cross, Extension Activities [STIRR], Social Service League, Consumer Club, Environmental Club to become eligible to get the degree.
  • In case of shortage of attendance, the learner has to complete the required attendance before the completion of the Undergraduate Programme. If not, the learners can appear for the End Semester Examinations but not eligible to get her degree Certificate.

Malpractices :

  • A Committee will be formed comprising the Principal/The Chief Controller, Examinations, the HOD and the senior most member of the department and invigilator, as and when required to deal with cases of malpractice in the examinations. The Committee will investigate such cases and submit its findings to the Controller’s Office.  Necessary action will be taken by the Principal / Chief Controller, Examinations and Controller of Examinations / Deputy Controller of Examinations.  If a student is found guilty of malpractice, she will be debarred from writing the examinations of the current semester.  She has to reappear for all the courses of the specific semester in the succeeding semester.

Discrepancies, if any: -

  • Any discrepancies regarding the results of the End Semester examinations should be brought to the notice of Controller of Examinations within fifteen days from the date of publication of the results.


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