Information Technology Policy

The Standard Fireworks Rajaratnam College has a sophisticated IT/ICT infrastructure with a hardware base of high end branded computers installed with Windows 10 and Mac operating systems and latest software frequently enriched and upgraded for harmonious content delivery.
A multi-pronged IT policy addressing usage and security has been developed and disseminated to faculty, students and non-teaching staff. Policy awareness is ensured and strict adherence is expected.

IT Management:

  • Expedited transfer of technological knowledge to the students  through well-trained staff and efficient hardware architecture
  • Ethically Performed Student Data Stacking and Retrieval.
  • Providing Demo and Hands-on training to facilitate proper utilization of IT facilities

IT Usage policy:

  • Informed and efficient usage of Information Technology features like Internet, Wireless resources, Official websites, ERMS, LMS, and Remote Login facilities of Collegiate and E-Library resources.
  • Prohibition of  Unwarranted accessing and downloads of fraudulent, harassing   materials.
  • Regulation of Social Media Usage
  • Restrictions against Personal and Commercial Use – Prohibition of usage of IT resources for  personal/commercial use or any purpose forfeiting the mission of the institution

IT security policy:

  • Antivirus/Firewall Features: Installation of Unified Threat Management (Cyberoam Firewall SophosXG210), regular updating of anti-virus and security features
  • E-Piracy-free Campus - Ethical replication of software for institutional use
  • Continual E-Risk Perception and Mitigation
  • Policy Review: Biennial Review of Policy to incorporate developments and eliminate redundancy

IT Maintenance policy:

  • A clear campus network mapping scheme to troubleshoot network-related issues quickly and easily
  • Regularization in storage of student work in the form of computer files
  • Upkeep of accessories like UPS, batteries, etc.


The Standard Fireworks Rajaratnam College for Women is towards E-governance in administration by –

  • Integrating the activities of the various sections which are currently having computerized database management and documentation.
  • Adopting process optimization that will eliminate red-tapism, redundancy and minimize loss of time and effort leading to increased productivity. It aids in improving transparency, providing speedy information, dissemination, improving administrative efficiency and public services in all aspects of education.
  • Strategically implementing automated administrative work flow that enhances effective data storage and retrieval at all levels as per hierarchical permissions.
  • Comprehensive implementation of electronic mode of communication among all departments/sections of institution viz. Academics, Administration, Finance & Accounts, Admissions, Examinations, Student Support and others enhance existing capacities of the institution to become dynamic, demand-driven, quality conscious, efficient, and forward-looking.

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