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Centre for Cultural Studies


Centre for Cultural Studies strives to create an interdisciplinary academic climate by offering Certificate Programme in Cultural Studies which include courses on cultural expressions in literature, folkloristics, film, digital media, archival studies and museology relating them to critical theories, cultural theories and art theories.


To promote pedagogy and research in cultural studies


  • To develop sensibility in students for cultural expressions
  • To develop analytical skills in students to study cultural expressions empathetically and critically
  • To promote research outcome in Cultural Studies


  • Coordinating teaching and research activities on Cultural Studies
  • Designing curriculum based on recent trends in the field
  • Engage in inter-institutional activities to develop projects and publications in Cultural Studies


PEO1: To acquaint students with the theoretical inputs from Cultural Studies
PEO2: To develop their aptitude in employing theory of Cultural Studies on literature, folklore, digital media, archives, archaeological explorations


PSO1: Learners will be familiar with theoretical concepts from Cultural Studies.
PSO2: Learners will be able to apply theory of Cultural Studies on literary, folkloristic, media, museological and archaeological expressions of culture
PSO3: Learners will be able to compose a critical scholarly writing and projects based on application of Cultural Studies


Faculty Details


Dr.K.MuthamilSelvi, Head & Associate Professor
PG & Research Department of English,
Coordinator - CCS
Area of Specialization: Indian Literature, American Literature
Dr.R.Vijaya Priya
Assistant Professor of Tamil
Area of Specialization: Folkloristics, Inter-Cultural Expressions
Dr.P.Karthika Devi
Assistant Professor of English
Area of Specialization: Creative Writing, Journalism, Filmology, Digital Media
Assistant Professor of English, Coordinator - CCS,
Area of Specialization: Contemporary British Fiction, Critical Theory, Cultural Studies, Cultural Memory


Assistant Professor of History
Area of Specialization: Modern Indian History, Tourism, Archeology, Museology
Assistant Professor of English
Area of Specialization: Postmodern historical narratives, Critical theory, Cultural Studies

Centre for Cultural Studies, SFR College for Women, is becoming an institutional member of Association for Cultural Studies, Finland, from January 2022.


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