SI.No Name of the Research Scholar Mode of Ph.D.(Full Time / Part Time) Registration Number Date of Registration Name of the University/ Institution under which Registered Registered /Pursuing /Submitted /Pre-Viva /Viva /Awarded
Name of the Research Supervisor: Dr.T.Palaneeswari, Principal
1 Dr.S.Grahalakshmi Part Time P9198 18.11.2010 MKU Awarded
2 Dr.M.Sumathi Part Time P9199 18.11.2010 MKU Awarded
3 Dr.V.Meenakshi Part Time P9200 18.11.2010 MKU Awarded
4 Dr.M.Elakiya Lakshmi Full Time P8721 26.08.2011 MKU Awarded
5 Dr.C.Muthulakshmi Full Time F8727 26.08.2011 MKU Awarded
6 Dr.R.Maheswari Part Time P3980 23.07.2015 MKU Awarded
7 Dr.S.Rengeswari Full Time F9668 19.12.2015 MKU Awarded
8 Mrs.C.Swathika Part Time P4720 17.10.2016 MKU Pursuing
9 Mrs.D.Mahalakshmi Part Time P5583 27.11.2018 MKU Pursuing
10 Mrs.M.Padmakala Full Time F10038 25.05.2018 MKU Pursuing
Name of the Research Supervisor: Dr.K.Rajeswari, Associate Professor & Head (Retired)
1 Dr.F.Sweetlyn Joy Christy Part Time P8713 05.02.2010 MKU Awarded
2 Dr.A.Josephine Stella Part Time P8772 15.02.2010 MKU Awarded
3 Dr.S.Saraswathi Part Time P8774 20.02.2010 MKU Awarded
4 Dr.K.J.Sunmista Part Time P8740 25.02.2010 MKU Awarded
5 Dr.V.VishnuPriya Part Time P8742 25.02.2010 MKU Awarded
6 Dr.S.Kartheeswari Full Time F8525 15.09.2010 MKU Awarded
7 Dr.J.ArunNandini Part Time P9637 13.12.2011 MKU Awarded
8 Dr.S.Gurupriya Full Time F9091 08.05.2013 MKU Awarded
9 Dr. A.Vijaya Shree Part Time P4373 19.12.2015 MKU Awarded
10 Mrs.A.Sathya Part Time P4032 07.09.2015 MKU Pursuing
Name of the Research Supervisor:Dr.P.Kanaga, Associate Professor (Retired)
1 Dr.V.Muthu Lakshmi Part Time P8514 06.08.2009 MKU Awarded
2 Dr.V.AnnaPackiyam Part Time P8513 07.08.2009 MKU Awarded
3 Mrs.K.Valarmathi Part Time P8720 02.02.2010 MKU Pursuing
Name of the Research Supervisor: Dr.B.Ponni, Assistant Professor & Head
1 Dr.K.Chitra Full Time F8749 03.10.2011 MKU Awarded
2 Dr.R.Jeeva Rani Full Time F8788 25.11.2011 MKU Awarded
3 Dr.P.Raja Lakshmi Part Time P3102 06.04.2013 MKU Awarded
4 Mrs.V.Pathirakali Full Time F8748 03.10.2011 MKU Pursuing
5 Mrs.M. MuthuSelvi Full Time F9013 11.12.2012 MKU Pursuing
6 Mrs. P.Ananthi Part Time P4706 08.09.2016 MKU Pursuing
7 Mrs.V.Vellaiduraichi Full Time F9856 03.01.2017 MKU Pursuing
Name of the Research Supervisor: Dr.R.Senbagavalli, Assistant Professor
1 Mrs.V.Muthumari Full Time F9876 17.01.2017 MKU Pursuing
2 Mrs.T.Kavitha Full Time F9992 09.03.2018 MKU Pursuing
3 Mrs.A.Dhanalakshmi Full Time F9998 09.03.2018 MKU Pursuing
4 Mrs.M.KarpagaSelvi Full Time F9993 09.03.2018 MKU Pursuing
Name of the Research Supervisor: Dr.M.Padmapriya, Assistant Professor
1 Mrs.N.RadhaGowri Part Time P4496 18.03.2016 MKU Awarded
2 Mrs.B.Arunadevi Full Time F9796 03.09.2016 MKU Pursuing
3 Mrs.G.Selvi Full Time F9803 03.11.2016 MKU Pursuing
4 Mrs.B.Karthika Part Time P5142 19.01.2018 MKU Pursuing
5 Mrs.M.Renugadevi Part Time MKU22PFOL10445 29.03.2022 MKU Pursuing
Name of the Research Supervisor: Dr.B.Meenakshi, Assistant Professor
1 Mrs.S.Meenakshi Full Time F10088 06.10.2018 MKU Pursuing
2 Mrs.R.Mehalarani Full Time F10087 06.10.2018 MKU Pursuing
3 Ms.M.Vijayalakshmi Part Time MKU22FFOL10317 08.02.2022 MKU Pursuing
Name of the Research Supervisor: Dr.S.Dhanalakshmi, Assistant Professor
1 Ms.K.Gurupriya Full Time MKU22FFOL10577 06.06.2022 MKU Pursuing
Name of the Research Supervisor: Dr.V.Annapackiam, Assistant Professor
1 Mrs.P.Mohanapriya Full Time MKU22FFOL10477 31.03.2022 MKU Pursuing
Name of the Research Supervisor: Dr.P.Prasanna Devi, Assistant Professor
1 Mrs.J.Kavitha Part Time P5159 09.01.2018 MKU Pursuing
2 Mrs.B.Rajini Part Time P5301 14.07.2018 MKU Pursuing
3 Mrs.J.Yogavinotha Part Time P5608 27.11.2018 MKU Pursuing
4 Ms.K.Muthulakshmi Part Time P5662 15.12.2018 MKU Pursuing
Name of the Research Supervisor:Dr.J.Sobhana Devi, Assistant Professor
1 Ms.S.Abirami Part Time P5324 28.07.2018 MKU Pursuing
2 Ms.S.Kirthika Part Time P5780 09.04.2019 MKU Pursuing
3 Mrs.T.Ponezhil Part Time P5825 15.07.2019 MKU Pursuing
4 Mrs.M.Kanniya Part Time MKU21PPOL10077 17.06.2021 MKU Pursuing
Name of the Research Supervisor:Dr.B.Siva Priya, Assistant Professor
1 Ms.S.Maheswari Part Time P5242 06.03.2018 MKU Pursuing
2 Ms.I.KanagaPriya Part Time P5511 06.10.2018 MKU Pursuing
3 Ms.S.Arya Krishnan Part Time P5395 06.10.2018 MKU Pursuing
4 Ms.M.Akila Part Time P5692 15.12.2018 MKU Pursuing
Name of the Research Supervisor:Dr.V.C.Priyadharshini, Assistant Professor
1 Ms.B.Deivakani Part Time P5379 06.10.2018 MKU Pursuing
2 Ms.G.Angel Priyadharshini Part Time MKU20PFOL9913 26.11.2020 MKU Pursuing
3 Ms.R.Brinda Part Time MKU21PFOL9975 08.01.2021 MKU Pursuing
Name of the Research Supervisor:Dr.A.Padma Priya, Assistant Professor
1 Ms.S. Kalaimathi Part Time MKU22PFOL10312 08.02.2022 MKU Pursuing
Name of the Research Supervisor:Dr.V.S.Shakila, Assistant Professor
1 Mr.P. Sanjeev Part Time MKU22PFOL10306 08.02.2022 MKU Pursuing
2 Mrs.M.K. Subashini Part Time MKU22PFOL10351 14.02.2022 MKU Pursuing
Name of the Research Supervisor:Dr.K.Muthamil Selvi, Assistant Professor
1 Ms.M.Karunya Part Time MKU22PFOL10371 14.02.2022 MKU Pursuing
2 Ms.J.Santha Christina Part Time MKU22PFOL10375 07.03.2022 MKU Pursuing
3 Ms.A. Micheal Sangeetha Part Time MKU22PFOL10423 29.03.2022 MKU Pursuing
4 Ms.K. Swapna Part Time MKU22PFOL10490 09.05.2022 MKU Pursuing
5 Ms..E Annett Part Time MKU22PFOL10505 09.05.2022 MKU Pursuing
6 Ms.N.Jessie Deva Priya Part Time MKU22PFOL10593 23.06.2022 MKU Pursuing
Name of the Research Supervisor:Dr.S.PethanachiSelvam, Associate Professor
1 Mrs.S.Padmashini Part Time P5643 15.12.2018 MKU Pursuing
2 Mrs.T.SobanaRaji Part Time P5884 31.10.2019 MKU Pursuing
3 Ms.T.Ashwini Part Time P5937 26.12.2019 MKU Pursuing
Name of the Research Supervisor:Dr.S.Pavithra, Assistant Professor
1 Ms.R.Vanthana Part Time MKU22PFOS10284 04.02.2022 MKU Pursuing
Name of the Research Supervisor:Dr.M.Murugalakshmi, Assistant Professor
1 Mrs.J.MariSelvi Part Time P4949 16.3.2017 MKU Pursuing
Name of the Research Supervisor:Dr.N.Umasankari, Assistant Professor
1 Ms.G.Revathi Full Time MKU22FFOS10484 01.04.2022 MKU Pursuing
Name of the Research Supervisor:Dr.J.Kasthuri, Assistant Professor
68 Dr.S.Poornimaa Part Time P9448 29.7.2011 MKU Awarded
Name of the Research Supervisor:Dr.M.Yasmin, Librarian
1 Mr.Mathews Stephen Part Time P4970 03.03.2017 MKU Awarded
2 Mr.P.R.Biju Part Time P5080 09.01.2018 MKU Awarded
3 Mrs.SreenaV.nair Part Time P5204 19.03.2018 MKU Awarded
4 Mr.V.Pounraj Part Time P5205 19.03.2018 MKU Pursuing
5 Mrs.R.Babitha Part Time P5423 06.10.2018 MKU Pursuing
Name of the Research Supervisor:Dr.S.Vijayakumari, Physical Directress (SG)
1 Mr.V.MohanaSurenth Part Time P5847 01.08.2019 MKU Pursuing
2 Mr.M.Raja Part Time P5851 17.08.2019 MKU Pursuing
3 Mr.K.NarayanaPrabhu Part Time P5873 24.10.2019 MKU Pursuing

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