After conquering autonomous status in 2005, Office of the Controller of Examinations started functioning being one of the functionaries of autonomy. Examination and Evaluation are effective tools for the assessment of students in the academic system.  Evaluation process involves both Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA) and External Assessment. The progress of each student in our college is recorded continuously by Internal Assessment and an examination conducted at the end of each semester will be considered for External Assessment. The evaluation process is based on the Outcome Based Education with Choice Based Credit System (OBE with CBCS)as per the UGC guidelines and is aimed at testing the lower level to higher order thinking of the students. SFRC COE Office focus to address the grievance of the students and gives top priority to the welfare of the students.

Components of evaluation (As per 2020 Syllabus)

For Theory courses:
Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA) – 40 marks
End Semester Examination – 60 marks

For Practical Courses:
Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA) – 50 marks
End Semester Examination – 50 marks

For Project Courses:
End Semester Examination – 100 marks


Components of Internal Assessments (CIA)
For Theory Courses:

  • Term Tests -Best 2 out of 3 term tests – 25 marks
  • Quiz – 10 marks
  • Assignment/ Seminar – 5 marks

For Practical Courses:

  • Practical – 30 marks
  • Observation / Record – 10 marks
  • Sill based test – 10 marks

If a student is found to be irregular and absent for a periodic test / fails to submit the assignment / escaped from presenting seminar / Quiz / she will not be permitted to appear for the End semester Examinations.There is No passing minimum in CIA for all the courses.


End Semester Examinations are conducted in November /December and April/May respectively for Odd and Even semesters every year for all UG and PG Programmes. The Principal has the right to deny permission to any student from appearing the End Semester Examinations at the end of a semester, if her conduct during that semester is not satisfactory.

Passing Minimum in the External Examination :

 UG = 21/60 = 35%
 PG = 27/60 = 45%

Aggregate Passing Minimum:

UG = 40/100 = 40%
 PG = 50/100 = 50%


There is Single Valuation, by the External Examiner.All the theory courses of UG, PG, Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma and PG Diploma Programmes having End Semester Examinations have single valuation, by the External Examiner.
In the UG  Programme,Part IV Non Major Courses except Non-Major Electives I & II and Discipline Specific Course all other courses will be valued only by Internal Examiners. The Internal Examiners should have handled the subjects.
The Scheme of Valuation has to be prepared by question paper setters.
Revaluation of answer scripts of the External Examination is permitted. In case of discrepancy regarding any valuation, a student may appeal to the Principal through the Grievance Redressal Cell.


The results of the End Semester Examinations for various Programmes will be published as early as possible. The results are also published online in the College Website and ERMS Student Portal. But under no circumstances the time interval between the date of last examination and the date of publication of results exceed 15 days.


Candidates appearing for Repeat Examination can be permitted to write a maximum of 3 arrear papers of final semester (i.e.) Fourth or Sixth semester.

The results of the Repeat Examination for Final year Candidates of UG, PG and PG Diploma Programmes will be published as early as possible.


A candidate will be declared eligible to receive the Degree / Diploma / Certificate after she has completed the prescribed Programme of study.

  • For the UG Programme, she should have passed all the examinations as specified in the ProgrammeScheme. She should earn a minimum of 140 credits to get the UG Degree. The candidates should have put in a minimum of 75% attendance for Part V - Extension Activities / Social Awareness Courses and Physical Education.
  • For PG Programme, Candidates should have earned a minimum of 90 credits to get the PG degree in Tamil / English / History/ Mathematics / Physics / Chemistry / Botany / Microbiology / Computer Science / Commerce (Computer Applications, Banking Technology, Human Resource Development) and MCA.
  •  For M.Phil., Programme, Candidates should have passed all the examinations as specified in the ProgrammeScheme with a minimum of 40 credits.
  • For all Certificate and Diploma Programmes, candidates should have passed all the examinations as specified in the Programme Scheme. They should have got a minimum of 9 credits to get the Certificate and 18 credits to get the Diploma.
  • For all COP Programmes, candidates should have passed all the examinations specified in the Programme scheme. They should have got a minimum of 20 credits to get the Certificate, a minimum of 20 credits to get the Diploma and a minimum of 20 credits to get the Advanced Diploma.


Since Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) is introduced Cumulative Grade Point Average is calculated based on which classification is performed.

  • UG   Degree Examinations  
CGPA Class
Above 6.00000 I class
5.00000 - 5.99999 II class
4.00000-  4.99999 III class
  • PG   Degree Examinations  
CGPA   Class
Above 6.00000  I class
5.00000 - 5.99999 II class
  • Certificate / Diploma / Advanced Diploma Examinations:
CGPA Class
Above 6.00000 I class
5.00000 - 5.9999 II class
3.50000 - 4.9999 III class


  • PG Diploma Examinations :
CGPA Class
Above 6.00000 I  class
5.0 - 5.99999 II  class
4.0 - 4.99999 III class


Supplementary Examination and Repeat Examination

UG students who have failed in the Sixth semester, PG students who have failed in the Fourth semester may appear for the Repeat Examinations, which will be conducted within one month from the date of publication of the results. Candidates appearing for the repeat examinations can be permitted to write a maximum of 3 arrear papers of final semester.
As per UGC guidelines a candidate can reappear for the arrear subjects within the time limit of two years from the date of completion of the Programme (N+2).  If a candidate has arrears in the final semester and if she is unable to appear for the repeat examination, she can appear for the arrear subjects only in the subsequent End Semester Examinations.

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