The Language Lab of the Department of English creates a comfortable English speaking zone and a learner friendly environment with the objective of improving the communication skills of the students. It plays avital role in language acquisition of the students.  It helps to overcome the inhibitions of rural students in communicating in English. It provides a platform to the students of English Literature to enrich their literary and aesthetic sensibilities. I UG and II UG students from all the disciplines acquire task oriented fluency. It boosts the learners’ confidence in communicating with clarity and accuracy. 


The objectives of taking students to Language Lab are 

  • To hone the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills of the students
  • To improvise the communicative abilities in their day to day life
  • To create an English speaking environment


Acquisition of correct pronunciation and fluency


  • The components covered under Part II English- Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing -help in improving the LSRW skills of the students for effective communication.
  • Exercises through Audio Visual aids enhance the students’ capability to listen attentively, expand their vocabulary and to speak with correct pronunciation.
  • Practice given in Phonetic sounds enable the students to recognize them, find the distinction between different sounds, mark stress and use the right intonation in sentences.
  • The comprehension passages played to the students enhance their abilities to read, comprehend and interpret the given passages.
  • Regular writing practice improves students’ writing skill- grammar, punctuation, vocabulary and structure.
  • Literary films and CDs on Moral tales and fairy tales are screened regularly to foster the literary and aesthetic sense of the students.

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