Research, considered as the primary aim of higher education not only contributes to a person’s academic growth, it also helps the society to achieve sustainable development. Both the Government and Non-Government organizations have been funding a lot towards research. The new education policy 2020 manifests to create a National Research Foundation (NRF) aiming ‘to enable a culture of research to permeate through our universities. Anticipating its significance much earlier The Standard Fireworks Rajaratnam College for women has made impeccable contribution towards research. Ever since it was established in the year 1968 the college has worked towards quality research. In par with the vision and mission of the college the Research Cell strives to build the researcher’s competencies to facilitate active participation in research activities. IQAC facilitates research environment inside the campus. The recommendations given by IQAC for quality enhancement in research are carried out through Research Cell.


The Research Cell has produced numerous research findings as doctoral thesis, funded projects and Journal articles. The success of the research cell undoubtedly rests upon the systematic work that focuses on the objectives laid by experts,

  • Inculcate research attitude among scholars and to promote original research work.
  • Ensure all the research activity benefits the society.
  • Organize national and international seminars and conferences in collaboration with other institutions, universities and industries and transfer knowledge across the boundaries.
  • Extend MoUs for long term relationship with universities, industries, corporate houses to assist and support the researchers.
  • Practice ethical and legal norms in the conduct of research.
  • Facilitate the utilization of all available research related resources in the campus.
  • Create awareness about filing patents and Intellectual Property Rights.
  • Increase the number of Research Supervisors in the campus
  • Upgrade the Departments to Research Centers.
  • Encourage faculty members to undertake major and minor projects in a wide range of fields.

The Research Cell of our Institution comprises of two committees, Research Advisory Committee and Research Ethics Committee whose functions are monitored by the Cell. The Research Cell further helps the generous Management to identify scholars with the zest for research work to provide them with financial assistance as Seed Money to take up minor projects. Apart from this, every year during the college day in order to encourage the faculty members, their research achievements are recognized and cash incentives are given to them by the College Management. An Intellectual Property Rights Cell too works tirelessly to encourage and guide the scholars regarding protection of their intellectual original works.

Research Advisory Committee (RAC):

The Research Advisory Committee of the college includes a Chairperson, Members from the college and Experts from other institutions. The committee strives to encourage quality research in the campus which contributes towards societal growth by encouraging, guiding and monitoring research activities in the college. Further the Committee,

  • Envisions utopian society through selfless and dedicated research.
  • Generously supports research culture anticipating the need of the society.
  • Takes major decisions regarding Research activities within the campus.
  • Promote integrated research culture analyzing the risks and benefits.
  • Advocates transparency in research administration.
  • Encourages innovation, reflective thinking, flexibility, adaptability and quality  research.
  • Develops effective relationship with the research community around the world.

Research Ethics Committee (REC):

With all this research spirit flowing into the growth of SFR college, our researchers follow a strict research ethical code drafted by the Research Committee keeping in mind our responsibility towards the society. The research cell atmosphere is made vibrant with 4 Ph.D. programmes, 5 M.Phil programmes and 13 PG programmes. Researchers are responsible for the maintenance of integrity in the college. The committee works towards creating a healthy research environment for a global cause and inculcates ethical values thereby promoting quality research. The REC has postulated rules to be adhered strictly by the Scholars,

  • Ethical frameworks set by UGC and University should be strictly followed.
  • Researchers are instructed to publish their papers in research journals which prioritize quality.
  • Researchers should acknowledge the institution in their research articles.
  • Researchers are responsible for the legal issues related to copyright, patent and publication.
  • Research Departments should ensure proper support to the research scholars.
  • Faculty Members who are interested in collaborative research work with other institution should get prior permission from the Head of the Institution.
  • Researchers should be transparent about their research activities.
  • URUKUND, Plagiarism Check Software available in the College Library should be compulsorily used before submitting any research work.
  • Any legal issues related to research should be informed to the REC which will be forwarded to the Research Advisory Committee.

Consultation Services

The Institution’s research culture is further extended and strengthened by the Consultation Services provided by the highly equipped Science Instrumentation Centre (SIC).The objective of the consultancy policy in SFRC is to facilitate its expertise in knowledge, experience of faculty members and available instruments to support the industries, institutions or other research organizations. The college has framed a general consultancy instruction and has made it available in the college website,

  • The list of consultancy services available in the SFRC campus is published in the College website along with the requisition form and details of fees structure.
  • Fees for the consultancy work should be paid through Demand Draft in the name of   
  • “Principal, The Standard Fireworks Rajaratnam College for Women” payable at Sivakasi.
  • The Head of the Institution and the faculty members who are expertise in the area analyze the nature and conflicts of the consultancy work and will forward it to the SIC.
  • All these processes will be completed within 7 -10 working days of the Institution.
  • An MOU may be signed between the organization and the Departments towards the consultancy work with the approval of Principal.
  • Instrumentation facilities availed in the SFRC campus should be properly acknowledged by the beneficiary.

Seed Money

The College Management keeping in mind the faculty members who have an ardent thirst for research provide Seed Money to take up a one year minor research project.Guidelines regarding this have been framed to channelize the process

  • The permanent teachers working in Self-Financing and Aided stream are eligible to apply for the financial assistance.
  • Proposals will be reviewed by Research Advisory Committee and qualified proposals will be recommended and forwarded to the Management for approval.
  • The duration of the project will be one year.
  • Interdisciplinary projects are also welcome and it can be carried out by the Principal Investigator along with Co-Investigator.
  • Strict action will be taken against the investigator if the progress of the project is not satisfactory and no extension in tenure will be entertained in any circumstance.
  • The project will not be transferrable at any case.
  • The Principal Investigator is expected to publish atleast one paper in reputed UGC approved or Scopus or Web of Science journals by acknowledging the contribution made by the Management.
  • A Maximum of Rs.1,00,000 will be sanctioned for projects under this scheme.

Intellectual Property Rights Cell (IPRC)

Our college bolsters creativity and innovation. To foster it further our college has set up an IPR Cell to guide the faculty and students regarding the practices of IPR. The cell aims to,

  • Promote creativity by creating awareness about IPR.
  • Provide an able environment for innovation.
  • Shed light on the commercial benefits of IPR
  • Conduct academic programmes with the help of the experts in the same field.
  • Advice on the legal issues of IPR.
  • Encourage innovation that brings technological advancements and societal ethics under one frame.

With the abundant academic resource available in the campus along with the inquisitive researchers, the research standard of The Standard Fireworks Rajaratnam College for Women is a class of its own. The Research Policy has been framed in such a way that it enables our institution to adapt itself to the ever changing global research scenario and to utilize all the opportunities available in the academic environment with its innovative and ever widening prospects for growth in the field of research.

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