1. Silence and discipline must at all times be maintained inside the Library premises.
  2. Every student must possess her library card while making use of the library facilities. 
  3. If students have lost their ID card, they are requested to inform the library staff immediately. 
  4. Use of eatables inside the library is strictly prohibited.
  5. The fines on overdue will be calculated according to the library policy and the user has to follow it.
  6. Library materials must not be marked, defaced, mutilated or annotated in any way.
  7. Mobile phones must be switched off and shall not be used in the reading (library) area.
  8. The Library is equipped with electronic surveillance devices such as CCTV cameras.
  9. Bags, Big handbags, Raincoat, Jerkin and Casual wears are strictly prohibited inside the library.
  10. Members are requested to keep their belongings at the entrance of the Library. However they are advised not to leave cell phones, purse, money, credit cards and other valuables in the handbag outside the library. These items are liable to be stolen.
  11. Library users are strictly prohibited from taking the borrowed and stamped books inside the library.
  12. Reference books, Newspapers, Magazines and Journals should not be taken out.
  13. If any book is lost or damaged beyond repair, the person responsible shall replace it with a new copy or pay triple the cost of the recent price along with handling charges or as may be decided by the librarian.
  14. Pen Drives are strictly prohibited.


The student is eligible for borrowing any book issued by the Library except the reference material, Audio Visuals, Journals and Magazines as these are meant only for reference inside the Library premises. 

Resource Student for UG Student for PG Student for M.Phil. Student for Ph.D. Faculty
  Quantity Duration Quantity Duration Quantity Duration Quantity Duration Quantity Duration
Books 3 30 Days 5 30 Days 8 30 Days 15 30 Days 30 LD
Course Reserves
(Text & Reference Books)
Reference Only
Magazines/Journals(Back Issues)
Book Companions – CD’S


Books should be returned on or before the due date mentioned in the due date slip on the first of book. If the borrower fails to return the borrowed material within the due date, she is liable to pay the fine. The fine of Rs. 1/- per book/day would be charged for overdue.


The User can also extend their loan period by renewing their borrowed material. This can be done only in person. The maximum limit of the renewal is 2 times only. After that the user has to return the book to the library.


The users should report to the library if she loses or damages a particular resource. The users should replace the resource at their own cost within 15 days.  If the user fails to replace the book within the stipulated time, the library would initiate the purchase and the user would be charged with triple the cost of the resource. 

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