Digitization plays a vital role in all walks of life including the education. E-Content includes all kinds of content created and delivered through various electronic media. The SFRC “E-Content Development Cell” promotes technology enhanced teaching and learning for the faculty in the campus. The content and its quality are key components of a robust teaching-learning system. The Cell helps to develop e-teaching materials in a creative way for the SFRC academicians.


  • To promote emerging technology to enhance teaching and learning practices in the campus.
  • To equip the faculty with innovative and outstanding teaching skills for e-content preparation.
  • To make use of Learning Management System, automatic Lecture Capturing System and e-learning materials in the classroom.

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E-Content E-Learning Modules

SI.No Department Name Content
1 English View
2 Tamil View
3 Mathematics View
4 Physics View
5 Chemistry View
6 Botany View
7 Computer Science View
8 History View
9 Commerce (Reg) View
10 Computer Applications View
11 Commerce (SF) View
12 Business Administration View
13 Microbiology View
14 Nutrition and Dietetics View
15 Costume Design & Fashion View
16 Computer Science (SF) View
17 Commerce (PA) View
Department Name Name of the staff Title E-Content
English Dr. B. Siva Priya Mark Antony's funeral oration View
Dr. J. Sobhana Devi Ode on a Grecian Urn-John Keats View
Dr. P. Prasanna Devi Wordsworth’s Theory of Poetry View
Tamil Mrs.R.Vijayapriya Tholkappiyam View
Physics Dr. R.SudhaPeriathai Couloumb's Law View
Dr B Sivasankari Liquid Crystals View
Chemistry Dr.S.Shailaja Pollution View
Dr.Thamarai Chelvi VSEPR Theory View
Botany Dr.B.DEEPA Algae View
Dr.U.Umadevi Grifth experiment View
Dr. K. Geetha Biodiversity View
Mrs.J.Vallimayil William Sonia View
Computer Science Mrs.D.Suthamaheswari Multimedia Introduction View
History Dr. J.Mekala Devi Biography of Kalpana Chawla View
Commerce (Reg) Dr.K.J.Sunmista Management by objectives View
Mrs. S. Thalaipushpam E-Commerce View
Mrs. S. Thazhai Pushpam ATM View
Dr. R. Jeyalakshmi Digilocker View
Dr. S.Deepa Tally View
Computer Applications Mrs.V. Vanthana IPC- UNIX View
Mrs.D.Gangadevi CRT Monitors And Color CRT Monitors View
Business Administration Dr.J.Prateeba Product Life Cycle Research View
Dr. A. Muthumari Production Management View
Microbiology Dr.S.SubhaRanjani Overview of immune system View
Nutrition and Dietetics Mrs.J. Merlin Rani Food Act View
Computer Science (SF) Mrs.G.Krishnaveni Software Engineering View
Department Name Name of the staff Title E-Content
English Dr.B.Sivapriya A study on Vijay Tendulkar’s Kamala View
Dr.B. Siva Priya David Williamson View
Dr. M. Shanthi Kenil Worth View
Dr.B.Siva Priya The Merchant of venice View
Mrs.M.Sathya King Lear View
Mrs.V.Lalithambigai The Spectator Club View
Mrs.V.Lalithambigai Sir Roger and the Gypsies View
Mrs.V.Lalithambigai Humour in Essays of Addison and Steele View
Dr.J.Sobhanadevi Literary Criticisim View
Dr.P.Prasanna Devi The Rime of the ancient mariner View
Dr.S.Sobana Victorian Age View
Dr.S.Sobana Introduction to Post Colonialism View
Dr.S.Sobana Prexit View
Dr.S.Sobana English for Every day View
Dr.P.Karthikadevi Virgils Aeneid View
Dr.P.Karthikadevi Agamemnon’s Dream View
Dr.P.Karthikadevi Trade Unionism View
Dr.P.Karthikadevi Sesame and Lilies View
Dr.P.Saranya Precis Writing View
Dr.A.PadmaPriya Themes in Death and The King's Horseman View
Mrs.V.Lalithambigai Themes in Beowulf View
Tamil Dr. B. Ponni குகன்பாறை View
Dr. M. Padma Priya தொல்காப்பியவிதி View
Mrs. R. Vijayapriya கடையெழுவள்ளல்கள் View
Dr.B.Meenakshi குறுந்தொகை View
Dr.V.AnnaPackiam யாப்பிலக்கணம் View
Dr.B.Ponni செய்யுளியல் View
Dr.B.Ponni சங்கத்தமிழர் பண்பாட்டில்மலர்கள் View
Dr.B.Ponni ஒப்பிலக்கியம் View
Dr.B.Meenakshi புதுகவிதைகளும் அறிவியலும் View
Dr.B.Meenakshi பக்திஇலக்கியங்களில் அறிவியல் View
Dr.B.Meenakshi நாட்டுப்புற இலக்கியங்களில் அறிவியல் View
Mrs.K.Valarmathi நன்னூல் View
Dr.N.Kavitha பின்நவீனத்துவத் திறனாய்வு View
Mrs.P.Ananthi புறப்பொருள் வெண்பாமாலையில் வாகைத்துறைகள் View
Dr.M.Padma Priya பட்டினபாலை View
Dr.V.Annapackiam சீர் View
Dr.V.Muthulakshmi பெயர்சொல் View
Dr.V.Muthulakshmi மக்கள்தகவல் தொடர்பியல் View
Dr.Devi மொழி View
Dr.Devi புறம் 182 View
Dr.Devi புறம் 192 View
Dr.Devi பாவை View
Mrs.S.Meenakshi புறப்பொருள் வெண்பாமாலையில் பெண்பால் கூற்றுகைக்கிளைப் படலம் View
Mrs.S.Meenakshi சிறுபாணாற்றுப்படையில் கடையெழுவள்ளல்கள் View
Mrs.Selvaeswari ஐங்குறுநூறு View
Mrs.Selvaeswari உரிச்சொல் View
Mrs.Selvaeswari அறநூல்கள் View
Mrs.Selvaeswari ஐங்குறுநூறு பகுதி-2 View
Ms.M.Muthuselvi அணி இலக்கணத்தின் வகைகள் View
Dr.R.Vijayapriya சமய இலக்கியம் சேந்தனார் View
Dr.R.Vijayapriya Camscanner Usage in Tamil View
Dr.R.Vijayapriya வரலாற்றியல்திறனாய்வு View
Dr.B.Meenatchi திருவையாற்றுப்பதிகம் View
Mathematics Dr. A. Mydeen BiBi Sub groups View
Dr.P.Santhi Network Scheduling View
Dr.P.Santhi Interpolation Techniques View
Dr.P.Santhi Newtons divided Difference Method View
Dr.S.Kalaiselvi Game Theory View
Mrs.V.Rajasulochana Two Person Zero Sum Games View
Dr.S.P.Nandhini OpenSets View
Physics Dr.S.Selvalakshmi Electricity View
Dr.S.Sivadevi Vapour Pressure of a liquid drop View
Dr.S.Sivadevi Surface Tension View
Dr.S.Sivadevi Vapour Pressure vs Total Pressure View
Dr.B.Sivasankari PV Principle View
Dr.B.Sivasankari PV System for Power Generation View
Dr.RSudhaPeriyathai Applications of Gauss View
Dr.RSudhaPeriyathai Square potential barrier View
Dr.S.Selvalakshmi Resistors in Series and Parallel View
Chemistry Dr.D.Rajamani Partition Coefficient View
Dr.D.Rajamani Pipette View
Dr.S.Shailaja Acid Base Titration View
Dr.S.Shailaja Burette View
Dr.S.Shailaja Detection of Acid Radicals View
Dr.S.Shailaja Identification of Different Characteristics Groups View
Mrs.J.Porkodi Thermometric Titration View
Mrs.J.Porkodi Differential Thermal Analysis View
Dr.D.Rajamani Co-ordination Polymerization View
Dr.N.UmaSangari` Electrochemistry module View
Dr.J.Vinnarasi Amines View
Dr.S.Shanthi Chymotrypsin View
Dr.J.Vinnarasi Molinspiration View
Botany Dr.B.Deepa Floral Characters View
Dr.B.Deepa UV- VISIBLE spectroscopy View
Dr.U.Uma devi T4 Cycle View
Dr.B.Deepa Marsilea Reproduction View
Dr.B.Deepa Marsilea Anatomy View
Computer Science Mrs.B.Theresita Mary Shanthi Functional Dependencies View
Mrs.B.Theresita Mary Shanthi RungeKutta Method View
Mrs.D.Suthamaheswari Jackson Structured Programming View
Dr.C.DeviArockiaVanitha Camscanner Usage in English View
Mrs.R.Vasanthi Segmentation View
History Dr.M.Kavitha Art and Architecture View
Mrs.V.Ramya KalMandapam View
Dr.J.Mekala Devi Delhi Sultanate View
Dr.R.Kalaivani Carnatic,Mysore, Maratha Wars View
Dr.M.Kavitha Architecture of Vijayanagar Empire View
Dr.M.Kavitha Economic condition under Vijayanagar empire View
Dr.M.Kavitha RajendraChola I and his expeditions (1012-1044A.D) View
Commerce (Reg) Dr. M.Jegadeeswari Compensation Management View
Dr.R.Jeyalakshmi Aeroplane Animation View
Dr.R.Jeyalakshmi Internet Banking View
Dr.R.Maheswari Problems of Women Entrepreneur View
Dr.S.Deepa Management Accounting-Trend Analysis View
Dr. V. Vishnu Priya Bank Management View
Dr.S.Deepa Role Of Entrepreneurs In Economic Development View
Mrs.M.Govindammal Introduction to Women Enterprenurship View
Dr.R.Jeyalakshmi Government Initiatives to Promote Entreprenurship View
Mrs. S.ThazhaiPushpum Introduction and Evolution of Entrepreneur View
Mrs. R.Suriyadevi Rural Entrepreneurship View
Dr. R. Jeyalakshmi Income and Expenditure Account View
Mrs. S.ThazhaiPushpum Standard Costing - Introduction View
Mrs. S.ThazhaiPushpum Overhead Variance View
Mrs. S.ThazhaiPushpum Material Variance View
Mrs. S.ThazhaiPushpum Labour Variance – Idle Time View
Dr.S.Deepa Labour Variance View
Dr.S.Deepa Sales Variance View
Dr.S.Deepa Normal Loss Material - Variance View
Dr.S.Deepa Advertising View
Dr.K.J.Sunmista IRDA View
Mrs.R.Suriyadevi Customs act 1962 View
Mrs.R.Suriyadevi Customs Act-Part 2 View
Mrs.R.Suriyadevi Customs Act-Part 3 View
Mrs.R.Maheswari Prohibition on import and export of goods View
Mrs.R.Maheswari Different types of customs duty View
Mrs.R.Maheswari Import procedure under customs act View
Mrs.R.Maheswari Weighted Average Cost of Capital View
S.Rengeswari Cash Flow Statement View
Dr.J.Jeeva Priya Export and Trading houses in India View
Dr.J.Jeeva Priya Feasibility Study View
Dr.R.Jeyalakshmi Successful Women Entrepreneurs in India View
Dr.M.Jegadeeswari Cooperative Society View
Dr.M.Jegadeeswari General Insurance Company View
Dr.M.Jegadeeswari Non Profit Organization View
Mrs.M.Govindammal Procedures in VB script View
Mrs.M.Govindammal Conditional Statements in VB script View
Mrs.S.Subalakshmi Sales Promotion View
Mrs.S.Subalakshmi Personal Selling View
Mrs. S.Padmapriya CRM View
Dr.S.Grahalakshmi Accounting for Reconstruction of Companies View
Dr.R.Jeyalakshmi Measures to save consumers from exploitation View
Mrs.M.Govindammal Functions of DBMS View
Dr.N.Rajathilagam Functions of Foreign Exchange View
Dr.R.Jeyalakshmi Rank Correlation Co-efficient View
Computer Applications Dr.A.Bamini Functions in C View
Mrs.D.Gangadevi Pointers in C View
Mrs.V.Vanthana Decision Making in C View
Mrs.D.Ganga Devi Run Length Encoding View
Mrs.V.Vanthana Email Architecture and Services View
Mrs.V.Vanthana Internet Protocols View
Dr.A.Bamini Course Exit Survey using Google Forms View
Dr.A.Bamini Wireless Networks View
Mrs.V.Vanthana Error Detection Methods View
Commerce (SF) Dr.V.Meenakshi Role of LIC in National Economy View
Mrs.R.Suriyadevi Goods and Service Tax View
Business Administration Dr.S.Grahalakshmi Monopoly single seller View
Dr.M.S.YasmeenBeevi Stress Management View
Dr. J. Prateeba Levels of Management View
Mrs.A.Muthumari National Stock Exchange View
Mrs.A.Muthumari Corporate Governance View
Dr. J. Prateeba Devi Reasons & Suggestions for the growth of e-tailing View
Dr.A.Muthumari Environment of Business View
Mrs.P.Karthika@ Nandhini Sources of Attitudes View
Microbiology Mrs.K.Jeya Devi Classification of Microbes View
Ms.P.Rajeswari Eutrophication View
Dr.S.SubhaRanjani Enumeration of WBC View
Mrs.M.Kaleeswari History of Microbiology View
Dr.S.SubhaRanjani Bacterial Growth Curve View
Dr.S.Radha Southern Blotting View
Dr.A.Karthika Process of Photosynthesis View
Dr.A.Karthika DNA as Genetic Material View
Nutrition and Dietetics Mrs. K. Jansi Rani Principles of Nutrition View
Ms.R.Dharani Standardization of Recipe module View
Ms.R.Dharani Food Services View
Mrs.J.Merlin Rani Lipids View
Mrs.K.Jansi Rani Food Sensitivity View
Costume Design & Fashion Ms. S.Sithammal Fabric painting View
Ms. Mohamed RihanaNasrin Fashion Portfolio View
Mrs.AgasthiyaAmbika Types of Indian Designers View
Ms.J.Priyanka Sewing Machine Technology View
Computer Science (SF) Mrs.G.Krishnaveni SoftwareEngineering View
Mrs.G.Krishnaveni Publish Android Application View

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